Life Transitions

Many turn to the Church at times of transition. St. Anselm's Episcopal Church of Lafayette welcomes members of the community to discern if our church can be a haven for you and your family during your times of transition, whether in celebration or in sadness. Please contact our rector to discuss the details of the ceremonies we conduct for the following life transitions: 

Baptism is the sacrament through which, by water and the Holy Spirit, we are initiated into, and become part of, the Body of Christ, the Church. We are adopted as God’s child and “marked as Christ’s own forever” as we affirm what is already true: all people are God’s beloved children. At our baptism we promise to continue in the Christian life, to proclaim the Good News of Christ, to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to strive for justice and peace.

At St. Anselm’s we celebrate baptisms four times per year, on the primary feast days: The Feast of Our Lord’s Baptism (January), Easter, The Feast of Pentecost and the Feast of All Saints (November). Other dates are available by special arrangement. Those who are seeking baptism for themselves or a child should contact the clergy.

Confirmation is described by the Book of Common Prayer as a rite of the Church “in which we express a mature commitment to Christ and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.” It is a public, adult affirmation of the covenant with God to follow in the ways of Jesus that was made for us at our baptism by our parents and godparents. Those who are seeking to be confirmed should contact the clergy.

Reception is appropriate for those who have been a part of another Christian tradition, have been confirmed by a bishop and would like to make a public affirmation of their faith and affiliation with the Episcopal Church. If interested, please contact the clergy.

Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows is a rite in which those who are baptized and confirmed are presented to the bishop to reaffirm their baptismal vows. Often, this occurs after a time away from the Church, a change in life circumstance, or a deepening of one’s spiritual life. Those who are interested in reaffirming their baptismal vows should contact the clergy.

Marriage, or the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, is a solemn and public covenant between two people in the presence of God in which they enter into a lifelong, loving union, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows.   The Episcopal Church requires that at least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian and that the marriage conform to the laws of the State and the canons of the church. Couples wishing to be married at St. Anselm’s should begin the process by contacting a member of the clergy.

Funerals are a celebration of life and a recognition that, in our physical death, life is changed but not ended. Our physical death is not the end of our story. In the Episcopal Church, the funeral liturgy finds its meaning in the celebration of Easter, and witnesses to the assurance that, because Jesus has been raised from the dead, we, too, shall be raised. This does not, however, diminish the pain and sorrow that the loss of a loved one brings. It is therefore also an opportunity for the faith community to pray for and support the bereaved in their loss.

In the event of a death, please contact the church office immediately, and a member of the clergy will be in touch with you.

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