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Welcome to St. Anselm’s and to our website! If you are new to our community, or contemplating visiting us, we hope the following will answer some of your questions.


Who is welcome at St. Anselm’s?

That is a simple one to answer – EVERYONE!  No matter who you are, or where you are in your life or spiritual journey, you are welcome here.  And not just welcome. We are glad and blessed that you are here!


Who should come to St. Anselm’s?

Anyone who is seeking:

  • an experience of the Living Christ
  • a sense of belonging in a caring Christian community
  • a tradition in which we are encouraged to think for ourselves, rather than told what to believe
  • a place that is not just tolerant, but welcoming of differences
  • a heritage that takes the Bible seriously, but not literally
  • an experience of the mysteries of Christ through the sacraments
  • a community that is committed to serving those in need
  • spiritual growth and a deepening awareness of God at work in his or her life
  • support and guidance in living the Christian life
  • fellowship and friendship
  • hope
  • a spiritual home


What can I expect when I visit?

When you visit St. Anselm’s you should expect a warm welcome and a comfortable environment. Our services are approximately one hour in length, during which we hear the Word of God and a sermon, say our prayers, and celebrate Holy Communion.


How will I know what to do and when to do it?

There are no “rules” around what we are “supposed to do” during the service. At St. Anselm’s you will see a variety of personal practices, from kneeling and standing to bowing and making the sign of the cross. Everyone is encouraged to practice their piety as it best works for them, and you will not stand out if you do something a little differently. That said, our service bulletins are printed and include suggestions for kneeling and standing, and how to get around.


What should I wear to church?

Come just as you are. At St. Anselm’s you will find people in everything from suits and ties to shorts and sneakers. Wear what makes you comfortable.


Am I welcome to receive Communion?

The Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is at the heart of Episcopal worship. We believe that, in ways that we can neither explain nor understand, Jesus is present in the bread and wine as they become his body and blood. In and through it, we experience union and communion with him and with each other. Therefore, we approach Communion with reverence and awe. At St. Anselm’s, anyone who desires this experience, who loves God and seeks the Living Christ, is welcome at the Lord’s Table.


Are children welcome at worship?

Children are valued and welcome at all worship services.


What is your mask policy?

At St. Anselm’s we follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Diocese of California with regard to masking and the reception of Holy Communion. For the current policy please see the Worship section of this website.


How can I make an offering?

Your offering is most welcome but certainly not required. If you would like to make an offering, you may place it in the offering box at the entrance of the church.


How can I learn more about St. Anselm’s?

The best way to learn more about St. Anselm’s is to come and worship with us. That will give you the best understanding of who we are and what we do. You are also invited to contact the clergy or staff, who will gladly answer your questions. When you visit, feel free to ask any of our members for information or let them know your questions.

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