Father John with Confirmant

Exploration of Faith

As a rite of passage, the Episcopal church offers confirmation for our youth at a service presided by the Bishop. Those seeking to explore whether or not they wish to make this important statement of faith are generally in high school. For several weeks leading up to the confirmation service, our youth meet with the Rector of St. Anselm’s. Following the Catechism (www.bcponline.org) BCP pp. 845-862, participants explore what the faith has to say about the world, our lives and how we live them.

The discussions are not directed, but entirely open-ended in order that the youth may make the process their own, and should they make the decision to become confirmed, it is theirs. Accordingly, we ask parents to place no pressure on their youth as to getting confirmed. The decision can become sacred when it is owned by the soul making it.

The Bishop’s Office offers both a traditional confirmation ceremony at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and an outdoor Eco Confirmation for youth committing themselves to lives of faith that honor God’s creation.