Senior’s Ministry

The Senior’s Ministry was formed at St. Anselm’s to help meet the needs of our seniors. We have learned that they need several kinds of assistance.

The Senior’s Ministry volunteers have provided transportation to medical appointments, beauty parlors, and counseling sessions. We have a list of volunteers who are willing to provide food and do yard work and help with grocery shopping and trips to the library. We have also helped members of our congregation find social service assistance.  As time passes, we believe that we will receive more and varied requests for help.

We have also started to learn more about the services available in the community in such areas as transportation, in-home care, Food Bank access, and the like. We are not qualified to provide counseling, but we would like to be able to tell people where they can go for help.

We already have a team of volunteers engaged in this ministry, but we would like to have more help. We would be pleased to have more volunteers.