Architectural Features

The sanctuary, which is 72-feet square, is a “church-in-the-round” with the altar in the center.  The interior design features exposed redwood and cedar beams and columns placed in geometric patterns.  The pews are made of redwood.  A central skylight bathes the altar area.

and its hanging cross, with natural illumination.  The low, ground-level windows on the sides of the church add extra light and preserve wall space at the same time. The seats for the regular clergy and choir are not in a separate area, but rather are part of the regular pews that are in the four quadrants of the sanctuary.  The church has a capacity
to seat 420 people, none of whom are more than seven rows away from the altar.

The low, one-story, shingled church, with its adjoining parish hall and church school wings, is nestled in a grove of trees and blends into the surrounding
rolling hills.

The separate, flood-lit 56-foot bell tower, topped by a cross and containing an old ship’s bell, rises high enough above the trees to be seen even at night.   The bell is rung “in a joyful manner” before each service.