Harvest Festival 2021

At Harvest time we count our many blessings and do what we can to share them with others who are less
fortunate. Our gifts to Trinity Center turn help into hope for those in desperate need of support.

Did you know that California has over 50% of the unsheltered homeless in America? This was revealed in
recent studies by HUD. Another study showed that California homelessness increased by a whopping 24%
between 2018 and 2020…and that was before Covid hit and its effects, which are bound to increase

Those grim realities have increased the demands on Trinity Center staff and available resources. Rising demands increase costs. So please help make 2021 Harvest Festival the most successful fundraiser ever! Here is the link to make a donation to Trininty Center.

During Covid, Trininty Center has been focused on serving the needs of the homeless and near homeless with three basic programs:
HOME AWAY FROM HOME: TC provides warm meals twice a day, laundry services, showers, daytime
shelter, counseling, socialization, clothing and even “To Go” street supplies of snacks, first aid kits and other
WINTER SHELTER: From December to April TC provides Winter Shelter, beds and meals for up to 50
people every night at the Walnut Creek Armory. Shelter under a roof from rain and cold saves lives for the
YOUTH AT RISK: Along with CC County services and Diablo Valley College, TC has developed and is
expanding education and counseling programs for high risk youth in an attempt to reduce homelessness.

Please contribute to this vital need! https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E351021&id=1