Help with Afghan Refugees

Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), the refugee and migration ministry of The Episcopal Church, needs
your support to welcome our Afghan allies to communities across the country. EMM is one of nine national
refugee resettlement agencies tasked with the challenging and life-saving work of supporting Afghans who
arrive with parolee status. The Afghan Parolee Services program provides very limited support only for
parolees first 30-90 days; your donations can ensure they have a safe place to live and access to basic needs
during and beyond that period. EMM will need to provide at least $3,000 worth of housing and cash
assistance for each person arriving on parolee status.

How You Can Help:
Donate to Neighbors Welcome: Afghan Allies Fund. Financial support is critical at this time. Donations to
the Neighbors Welcome: Afghan Allies Fund will provide the housing assistance, medical services, and
financial support for basic necessities.

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